Will I feel differently after the session?


Suggestion therapy will have immediate effect (although it may be a little while before you or your family notice more subtle changes.)

The feeling of relaxation and peacefulness felt after a session of hypnotherapy lasts for some time (often hours) afterwards.


This is the longest and most involved of the therapies offered at Bedford Health.  Results are rarely immediate but change starts gently around weeks 4-6.  We are dealing with the release and sorting of emotion and emotional events so it takes a little while to see changes.

Applied Psychology

The first session is designed to give you an overview of your issues (why they’re happening) and you will then be given techniques to use which can see change within a few days, depending upon how frequently they’re used.

Sue can give you techniques for change, help you see how they would help but can’t do them for you.  That’s your part.  She will give you all the support you need and techniques are often adapted to fit the personality and goals of the client.

With a reasonable amount of effort you’ll see great change.  With a huge amount of effort you’ll see amazing results!