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Since stopping smoking in September, not only have I felt better and been healthier ... BUT richer! I now do things on time not after my fag

Sean Jones - Bedford

Hi, I did not want to email too early but I am proud to say that both my mum and I are still non smokers. It was 60 days on Monday (26th March 2012) 2 FULL calendar months! We still cannot believe that we ever smoked and feels like we stopped 2 years ago. Many thanks for the wake up call! We feel more full of life, happier, healthier and richer as a result. I would recommend this method to anyone.

Lauren and Kim Smith

Hi, I would just like to say many thanks for turning me into a non smoker I have just achieved my first set milestone for myself, being a non smoker for a month. With the extra money I bought myself a tablet computer. Also I would like to say that my breathing when cycling has become a lot better easier initially it was painful but to be expected as my lungs were getting fresh air. Family have been sceptical about it working but all are pleased with the progress I am making towards a smoke free future. It's also great to know that I will be smoke free for when my baby arrives. Thank you once again

Rob Taylor

I'm very impressed ... I haven't given in! I feel better in myself and for the baby ... I would recommend it to other mothers who smoke.

Debbie Redpath

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for helping me stop smoking. It was my one month 'anniversary' on friday and since our session I have not looked back. It's funny - sometimes I forget I ever even smoked at all! Thanks again!

Ceri Hughes

Hi I want to let you know that I am a non smoker, I feel great and I am free from the habit that was like a ball and chain round my ankle! I can’t believe that in one session with you my life has been transformed, and it’s a long while since I have felt so well in myself. I didn’t want to contact you too soon as I was afraid of being complacent and then falling off the wagon so to speak, however I feel as though I have never smoked in my life – incredible. I am certainly not eating any more that I did before, in fact have lost a couple of pounds so there we have it. Brilliant! Thank you so very much

Carol H Scott

Hi, Don't know if you remember me but on 28th January this year I came to see you for hypnosis to stop smoking. I can report that I have not had another cigarette since that morning and that for me is remarkable, I was a 30+ per day smoker for 40 years and I just want to say thank you so much - you may have saved my life!! Thanks again

Steve Nash

Thanks Sue ... The Relaxed Childbirth Programme helped me stay calm and enjoy the birth, which I really did, and I have been very happy and have coped very well upon returning home. Everyone commented on how well I looked and I was out and about the next day doing my shopping!

Jodie Buckle and Baby Caleb

I've lost 23.5lb since starting! Now weight 8st 9lb

Dawn M

I have now lost 1.5 stone, which I am truly delighted with! Thank you for all your help

Caroline M

Hi Sue, I'm 12st 3 and still dropping! I have now lost 3 stone which is kind of unbelievable! Thank you so much

Sarah H

I feel more relaxed, calm, more at ease, you gave me that push. I had to take in my favourite pair of trousers by a couple of inches. I've stopped picking and am thinking about food differently.

Lindie Smith (lost 12lbs)

I’ve lost 10lbs in the last 4 weeks and I’ve had no problems, I’ve listened to the CD once a day. The Relaxed Eating Programme is very easy to follow; I’ve had no cravings, and I feel great. I now naturally make the right food choices that are good for me without giving it any thought, and I manage my food portions, listening to my body and know when I have had enough to eat and do not feel I have to finish what is on the plate, just because its there

Doreen C

I’ve lost 10lbs in the last 4 weeks and I’ve had no problems, I’ve listened to the CD once a day. The Relaxed Eating Programme is very easy to follow; I’ve had no cravings, and I feel great.

Diana F

I have now lost 3 stone, which is kinda unbelievable


Reporter Hayley O’Keeffe writes about how hypnosis saved her from a lifetime of catching the bus.

I failed my driving test six times, there I said it.

Aged 28 this was not a good thing for me, learning to drive was something I felt I should have done a lot, lot sooner, but as circumstances dictated it just never quite happened. I’ve had plenty of lessons mind you, and whenever I had any spare money would spend it on intensive courses to try and get myself that illusive pink card. But to no avail, when it came down to actually doing the test I was just so nervous. I’ve had tests where the examiner has grabbed the steering wheel, where I’ve travelled in second gear down Bedford’s London Road, and where I’ve (almost) gone the wrong way around a roundabout. If I’ve ever cut you up I’m very sorry, I was just nervous! I’ve had some great tuition too, from the ever patient Gerard Doyle of Drive Johnsons, he has had to put up with a lot I can tell you. Part of it must be to do with my age, the 17-year-olds just hop in and get going, but I think it was predominantly my mindset. I’ve always been the passenger in the car, and have never really been interested in motoring, super cars and especially not Top Gear! Being behind the wheel seemed like an alien world and was more than a little scary. So that’s where Sue Wilson came in.

Sue works at Bedford Health in St Cuthbert’s Street and is a hypnotherapy practitioner, what's more she offers a special pre-driving test session to help candidates get over their nerves and achieve focus. I booked my seventh driving test, and after much deliberation a session with Sue, would this help me pass my test once and for all? The fateful day arrived and I headed to Bedford Health for the hour long session.

Part of me thought that this would be just the ticket, another hoped that I wouldn’t come out of the treatment room quacking like a duck! But hypnotherapy is nothing like the myths. In a consultation Sue asked me just how anxious I felt about the test, what I was most concerned about and what I wanted to feel like when I was doing the test. And after the hour, which was very relaxing indeed, I came out feeling focused and ready for the test, in a way I have never felt before. And do you know what? Later that afternoon, when the examiner turned to me and said you’ve passed I was so excited, because hypnotherapy, and a little perseverance really does work! To find out more visit www.bedfordhealth.co.uk

By Hayley O’Keeffe hayley.okeeffe@jpress.co.uk @misshokTC

Hayley O’Keeffe