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Hypnotherapy for Children in Bedford, Bedfordshire

At Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic we treat children from 7 years of age, often for only a single session of suggestion therapy, although the actual number of sessions will depend on the problems they’re suffering, how long that’s been happening and their personality type.

Hypnotherapy is such a gentle treatment that it can be very helpful for children with problems and symptoms such as bedwetting, phobias, exam worries, eating habits and many other issues that many people suffer as they grow up.  While they may grow out of their difficulties, many parents feel it would be better to cut them short if possible.

Booking the first session

Before we see your child, it’s very important for us to gather information about the problem, the affect it has on them and your family and to find out their likes and dislikes as well as your opinions and concerns.

Particularly with younger children, we may spend 15 to 20 minutes on the phone finding out about them; this makes it easier for us to help them feel at ease early in the session, to maximise results.

The therapy session may last anything from 45 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the age of the child and how much we are able to do during the session (younger children will often have the shortest appointments, due to limited attention spans).

Please look at this welcome message from Children’s Therapy Specialist, Sue Wilson …

Better results with both parents at the session

It’s important that both parents come along to the first session with children under the age of 16; if this isn’t possible, then the person who the child ‘gets on with the most’ comes. Having both parents there sends a powerful message that the session is important to everyone and gives better results as there are no misunderstandings about what happened during the session to get in the way of progress later

We always explain what we do, in language children can understand. We tell them what we’d like to do and why and get their permission, before we start therapy, keeping language positive during and after the session (and ask you to do the same)

We use a wide range of hypnotherapy techniques, the two most common are The Blowaway Technique and The Fast Phobia and Trauma Cure, and the choice of therapy will be made only when we’ve met and spoken with your child, as treatment must suit their needs, which we won’t be able to assess until we’ve talked with them

The ‘Blowaway’ technique

This single session helps children resolve their anxiety and the symptoms this causes. By using gentle hypnosis, the problems and issues begin to resolve themselves, so that the child will grow up to live the best life they are able to.

Often this single session will be enough to move your child on, although with some issues and depending on the child, additional sessions may be necessary.

During the therapy part of the session, your child is encouraged to take a deep breath and ‘blow away’ any negative emotions, thoughts or ‘bottled up’ feelings. This helps them to let go of worry or stress, which their mind has trapped and when powerful, positive hypnotic suggestions for change are added, they can begin to change.

The child doesn’t have to explain or dwell on traumas or issues during the therapy part of the session and we work hard to keep everything as relaxed as possible. Attention is on the child rather than on the adults in the room; although adults will be asked to join in with the session, so the child feels less ‘on the spot’ (and it will help to reduce some of your anxiety too!)

The Fast Phobia and Trauma Cure

This is another technique to help children overcome fears and upsets, often caused by known events, for example, those afraid of dogs may recall being bitten by a dog, or be afraid to go to school because of bullying, or feel sick every time they visit a certain place, because they were sick the last time they went.

Often all that’s needed is a single session … in fact it’s so effective many parents are amazed at how their child just seems to laugh off something that used to really bother them before the end of the session even.


While we can’t guarantee improvement for any client, but we do have very high success rates with children and young adults. Changes are often begun before they’ve left our clinic but for some there will be a few days before this process becomes obvious to family and friends.

Some of the more common child specific problems that we treat…

  • Sadness, loneliness, guilt, embarrassment, worry, stress
  • Bed wetting (Enuresis) in both young children as well as teenagers
  • Thumb sucking, nail biting, hair pulling/twiddling, comfort blanket withdrawal
  • Anorexia Nervosa and food control issues
  • Bulimia and binge eating
  • Nightmares or night terrors and sleep walking
  • Phobias or fears
  • Children with low self-confidence and self esteem
  • Performance anxieties e.g. on stage or in exams and sports
  • Attention or concentration problems
  • Problems caused by bullying
  • Behavioural problems, e.g. aggression and bad habits
  • Aspergers and ADHD – we cannot cure these conditions but can often ease symptoms
  • Self harming – cutting, drugs and/or alcohol

So if your child has an emotional or behavioural problem that doesn’t seem to respond to traditional treatments or you’d like to find out more about what we can do to help, just contact us today to talk about the therapies we offer to ease their anxieties and problems and make life easier for the whole family.

So if your child has an emotional or behavioural problem that doesn’t seem to respond to traditional treatments or you’d like to find out more on how we can help just contact us today to help your child overcome their anxiety at the following: