Bird Phobia (Ornithophobia)

This phobia may be triggered by;

  • A particular type or size of bird
  • The number of birds
  • The surroundings – whether the birds are in close proximity
  • The sounds made by the birds
  • The sight or touch of a feather
  • The thought that the bird might fly into the person, or attack them

As birds may come and go from a location with great speed and often in groups, the uncertainty of when the sufferer might encounter them adds greatly to the fear. Eating at outdoor restaurants or at picnics is rarely possible without extreme anxiety and even open windows are cause for concern.

Sufferers will go to great lengths to avoid areas in which they might expect birds to gather (e.g. around seated areas in town centres and stations, by rivers and coastlines.) Their enjoyment of outdoors is severely hampered or completely destroyed by constant watchfulness.

Seagulls, pigeons, ducks, swans, geese, peacocks and guinea fowl are all surprisingly common in many public areas in the UK and a fear or phobia of any or all of these birds can severely limit your enjoyment of the countryside or open spaces.

Phobias responds very well and can be removed using Analytical Hypnotherapy.

For children, young adults and the elderly, Suggestion Therapy may be used to control symptoms.