Agoraphobia – (fear of open spaces)

Agoraphobia is anxiety about being in places or situations from which escape may be difficult or embarrassing, or in which help would not be available in the event of a panic attack or panic-like symptoms.

This may include:

  • Being away from home, alone
  • Being in a crowd
  • Standing in a queue
  • Being on a bridge
  • Travelling in a bus, train, car
  • Fear of aggravating existing medical problems (usually seen in older people and associated with physical frailty.

Some relief may be found if the sufferer has someone with them, but they are often unable to travel to work or to take responsibility for household tasks e.g. shopping.

Phobias responds very well and can be removed using Psychotherapy and/or The Relaxed Living Programme.

For children,  Suggestion Therapy may also be used in the short term to control symptoms.