Sue Wilson, Consultant Hypnotherapist, specialising in the treatment of Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Depression and Panic Attacks, with particular interest in Weight Control, Relaxed Childbirth and Children's Behaviour Problems. From  Bedford to Northampton, Milton Keynes, Biggleswade, Sandy, Stevenage, St Neots and Luton
Even a brief chat or quick email would make a difference for you'
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Sue Wilson MIAPH (Acc) DHyp (Adv) Bedford Hypnotherapist, Managing Partner - Bedford Health

sue wilson consultant hypnotherapist and bedford hypnotherapist based in bedford, bedfordshire, united kingdomSue is the holder of the International Association of Pure Hypno-Analysts (IAPH) Advanced Diploma and is also an Accredited Member who attends well in excess of the minimum requirement of 30 hours of Continuous Professional Development courses and seminars annually.

She is also engaged in at least 18 hours of personal and professional support and has an up-to-date CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) certificate.

Specialising in the treatment of fears and phobias, Sue is able to offer the traditional "suggestion therapy" available through many hypnotherapy organisations, plus Pure Hypno Analysis,
a therapy provided solely by IAPH members, which removes the root cause of the symptom for permanent resolution.

Working with
children and young adults with emotional difficulties is also an area which Sue specialises in along with running successful sessions for pregnant Mums with her unique programme, 'Relaxed Childbirth'. In addition to that ...

The Relaxed Eating Programme, created by Sue, is now helping many of her clients lose weight the easy way!

She is a very active member of the IAPH and continues to offer support and advice to both experienced and new therapists and is in constant demand for media interviews regarding all aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. She also runs many training courses for therapists in the training room based at the Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Sue takes a purely practical approach to hypnotherapy, you will find no crystals, healing, past lives etc…..just straightforward, professional and sympathetic therapy.

We understand that times are hard at the moment and you want to invest your hard earned money sensibly, so Sue will give you as much information as possible on a variety of solutions to your problems and you will be under no obligation to commit at your free screening session, unless you are absolutely sure. You'll be offered the opportunity to go away and think about your options and decide what you'd like to do...if anything.

The therapies and training courses we offer are amongst the most modern, successful, rapid, thorough and empowering of any available in the world today ... if you chose to come and see us, you have a VERY GOOD CHANCE that your issues will be completely resolved in just a few sessions ... we don't keep people in therapy for years at our clinic...we don't need to, what we do works fast.

Even a brief chat or quick email would make a difference for you
So, to find out how Sue can help you just give her a call now, or send her an email today

You can also FREEPHONE 0800 533 5138, TEXT: 07500 907 428 or email to:

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Sue Wilson and Gary Foster, Hypnotherapists at Bedford Hypnotherapy Clinic in Bedford, using hypnosis for the treatment of
emotional and sexual problems and providing help to lose weight and stop smoking.
Our specialisms include help to stop smoking, weight loss and weight control, treating stress, treating depression, helping
with the treatment of phobias and improving sports performance.
This site is relevant if you are suffering from stress at work, depression, panic attacks, blushing, IBS, you need to
lose weight or control weight, you want to stop smoking, stop nail biting or other habits, you have a phobia, or you have a
sexual problem such as premature ejaculation, premature ejeculation, impotence, arousal problems, vaginismus, painful intercourse.
Phobias treated include emetaphobia, emetephobia, agorophobia and arachnophobia